Bet Like a Pro on Cricket

Cricket, one of the most popular sports, offers considerable betting options. Competitions like the ICC Cricket World Cup and the Ashes Series include colorful players. Like other types of sports betting, love for the game is not enough. To be successful in 747Live cricket betting, you should grasp odds, betting rates, and bet types.

This brief betting guide covers the game’s history. We’ll also discuss key tournaments and bets on top betting sites. If you want to play and gamble on this sport, read this.


The History of Cricket

Cricket is one of the oldest mainstream sports, dating back to the 17th century. It is the second-most-watched sport worldwide. It has traditionally been a gentleman’s game. Cricket is no longer a gentleman’s game, thanks to T20 leagues and exclusive clubs. Instead, the game has become combative and unpredictable, which increases its popularity among players and fans.

The International Sports cricket Council governs the multi-billion-dollar industry of this sport. The world rankings place England, Australia, India, South Africa, and Pakistan at the top.

Major Cricket Betting Events

Teams visit one another for limited match series throughout the season. Every four years, the ICC Cricket World Cup is the biggest cricket event. The ICC T20 World Cup, Women T20 World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, Asia Cup, and Ashes Series are very popular with sports fans. Indian fans consider the IPL the most important and most wagered cricketing event of the year.

Betting Types

Gives many options. Popular sportsbooks that accept real money bets from Philippine players offer the following bets:.

Match Bets

Bets on match winners are the most popular.

Toss Bets

Predict the team that wins the coin toss before the match. Punters can pair the toss bet with toss combinations. The punters can also forecast whether the toss-winning team will bat or bowl first. Toss combination betting odds pay out more owing to forecast intricacy.

Draw No Bets

Weather is the main reason for about 59% of test matches ending in a draw. No bets are allowed to account for a draw. Since a draw is not an option, Draw No Bets predicts the winning team.

Series Champion

Three- or five-match series are prevalent in cricket. To select the Ashes series champion, England and Australia play best-of-five matches. Series-winner bets anticipate the winner. Punters anticipate first- and second-inning team scores.

Over and Under

Predicting whether the match score will be over or under a certain number is the goal.

Even or Odd?

Here, betters must predict whether a team will score odd or even runs.

Sportsbooks accept outright and performance bets in addition to these common  betting categories. You can wager on the World Cup outright. This implies you care about the cup’s outcome. Bet on the player with the most goals or the ‘Man of the Match’ for individual achievement.

Cricket Betting Tips to Improve the Odds

Like other sports, more information and a few recommendations can improve your cricket game betting experience. Bet odds quality should be your first consideration. Cricket World Cup betting odds and smaller tournament odds let you make smart bets. It indicates a team’s chances of winning. Additionally, it shows the reward possibility for your stake. The issue for punters is finding the finest 747Live cricket betting odds. Comparisons of cricket bookies help here.

Before playing cricket’s satta, compare odds from at least three online cricket betting companies to find the best payout. Use our book reviews to pick the correct site. Check the teams’ history, form, and individual performance before betting. Information is crucial throughout the Ashes betting season and live cricket betting. Like Jbet88 you can also go to this site to play your online casino game. This site will give you some special bonuses.