Strategy for Mega Ball

Mega Ball – Learn how to conquer Evolution’s top bingo-lottery hybrid. Use the multiplier rewards in live action.

mega ball

About Mega Ball

Bingo and the lottery collide in Mega Ball’s final battle. Evolution’s live, unique game show combines 90 Ball Bingo’s line-matching mechanics with your favorite lottery drawings’ numbered ball machine.

Buy tickets, watch the 20 balls appear, then match Mega Ball’s ticket lines to win instant cash rewards.

Playing Mega Ball

  1. Wanting to play Mega Ball’s. Just follow these few steps:
  2. Set your chip and buy from 1 to 400 Mega Ball tickets.
  3. Post-bet phase, the Mega Balls machine spins 20 numbers sequentially, crossing off matched numbers on tickets.
  4. A vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line of matching numbers wins a monetary prize.
  5. Increase your prize by matching numerous lines.
  6. After calling all 20 numbers, the ball multiplier wheel spins to reveal a multiplier. 5x-100x.
  7. After shouting out the 20 numbers during the game, the Mega Ball’s machine is spun again and the multiplier is added to the revealed number.
  8. The multiplier applies to all Mega Ball card winners.
  9. In any round, a second number can receive an extra MegaBall multiplier for an even greater multiplier. Mega-ball 1 – Blog Madness.

Winning Strategies for Mega Ball

Mega Ball, like 90-ball bingo, requires players to draw lines of matching numbers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Multiple lines during the round raise your final prize.

You can buy 1,400 tickets to boost your chances of winning. The top prize is 9,999x your bet for 6 or more lines.

After calling all 20 balls in the original game, Mega Ball spins a multiplier and applies it to one ball. Applied multipliers increase the total card win of any card with the Mega Ball number. In any random round, players can apply up to two megaballs to winning tickets.

Strategies for Mega Ball

1. Little, Often

Buy a few cards to track winnings. Buying a small amount reduces your losses and increases your chances of winning if a card is a winner.

2. Full Monty

By buying all 400 tickets, you have a better chance of matching numbers. This approach boosts your chances of getting Mega Ball’s numbers and can boost your winnings with multipliers.

Set limits, and spend within your means. Our fully customizable Safer Gambling Tools can help you set boundaries.

3. Lucky Numbers

When buying cards in the betting phase, keep cards with some or all of your fortunate numbers. I recommend buying less than 10 cards to better track the numbers on each card.

4. Mix it Up

Variety is the spice of life, including this method. Try different rounds with small and large ticket purchases to find what works for you. The Full Monty technique is more strenuous, but this strategy maximizes your chances of hitting Mega Ball multiplier values.

5. Reverse Martingale

One of the most popular betting techniques, the Martingale, was established for roulette. Basically, double your bet for every round you lose until you win. The idea is to recover losses from the previous round with each win.

Set a number of tickets and a bet value, then double all cards if you lose. After winning, lower the value and repeat. The reverse Martingale reduces losses by lowering the value with each loss until you win.

Mega Ball Extras

Mega Ball’s main bonus is the bonus round, which multiplies 1 of 20 base game numbers by 5x-100x. All tickets with that number win more when the Mega Ball is given a multiplier.

This can be triggered twice per round, giving your winning cards two Mega Ball multipliers. Cards must have at least one line filled to qualify.

A brief example of multiplier application and winning:

  • Your £1 winning ticket has two lines and 23.
  • Standard basic payout is £5.
  • Spinning the multiplier wheel activates a 10x multiplier.
  • The Mega Ball’s is spun again with 20 numbers, and 23 are chosen.
  • A 10x multiplier is applied to the £5 value on the winning ticket for a total value of £50.

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