Tennis Betting A Guide

Tennis – Our entire 747Live betting guide can help you make money from your favorite sport. Discover bet types and odds.



Before betting online, tennis fans of all levels need enough knowledge. Tennis is the most popular individual sport worldwide and in the Philippines. Many play, appreciate, or wager on it because of its simplicity.
Millions follow this sport. Its large choice of events each year is its biggest draw. Gambling offers many ways to generate money. Many Philippine internet sportsbooks offer pre-match and live betting. This article covers everything you need to know before betting real money.

Tennis Fundamentals

Tennis player pits two players against each other. They play using rackets and tennis balls on marked courts with nets. The ball, racquet, and court must be a specified size. Those may vary within an acceptable range. Tennis matches usually last 90 minutes.

There are many basic rules. But the goal is to score the most points by following the rules and avoiding penalties. Points are the lowest denominator in scoring. Each game is worth 4 points. Wins usually require a 2-point lead. Matches are scheduled every six months and can comprise three or five sets. One must win the most sets to win the match.

Popular Tennis Bets

The wide variety of bets has helped tennis betting grow in the Philippines. Leading bookies provide several bets. You may get large odds on any game, with more bookmakers offering live bets. The most popular options are below:

Bet straight up

You could try the outright bet if you want to make a lot of money with a tiny investment. This bet is on a tournament winner or both. You can bet on Serena Williams to win the tournament and take the cup.

Match bet

Gamblers like match bets because they demand one-match predictions. This easy wager involves predicting a head-to-head winner. Bet on Rafael Nadal to beat Novak Djokovic in a singles match.

Tennis handicap betting is a simple bet

Two handicap bets exist in tennis. You can place games or establish handicaps. The bet wins if Serena Williams wins by six games at -5.5.

Over/Under bet

Bet on the number of sets or games in this two-way bet. Let’s say a match has over 2.5 and under 2.5 odds. If you know your guy will win straight sets, pick under 2.5.

Improve the clarity of the correct score bet

This bet is on a player’s or the game’s exact score. You can wager on a player scoring 20 points in a game. Bet wins if they do. This option pays well but is harder to master.

In-play bet

Tennis has various bets, but in-play or live betting is popular. Players have greater possibilities for winning large. In-play bets include totals, correct score, tiebreaks, handicaps, etc. Live bet odds are usually higher.

Tennis betting odds

Besides the many betting alternatives, internet sportsbooks offer many betting odds. Understanding those is key to gaming. Fractional, decimal, and American odds are the most commonly used formats.

Odds fractional

Fractional odds dominate tennis betting platforms. As the name implies, these odds are fractional. This style shows your stake as the denominator and your expected profit as the numerator. Calculate the fractional odds return using this formula:

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are simpler than fractional ones. Multiply your stake by the odds to calculate returns. Say player A has 3.5 decimal odds and B has 2.1. $100 x 2.1 = $210 is your possible return on player B. Formula for calculating that:

Moneyline bets

Moneyline or American odds can be positive or negative. Positive American odds values suggest a benefit from your bet. Negative odds indicate the wager needed to win $100. Calculating returns uses these formulas:

Top Tennis Betting Advice

Tennis betting can benefit from a plan, like other sports. Consider using these top tips:

Register at numerous sportsbooks and take advantage of bonuses and promotions.

  • Learned tennis styles.
  • See tennis betting predictions and advice.
  • Assess the playing surfaces before betting.
  • Keep track of your bets.
  • Use a reputable sportsbook.
  • Bankroll management training.
  • Focus on your expertise.


Start your tennis betting journey now that you know everything. Improve your betting skills with our advice and 747Live tennis odds and bet types knowledge. We also advocate starting with tiny bets to learn the trade before betting more.

You’ll need a good bookmaker to gamble, so choose wisely. Take licenses, security, payment methods, and customer support into account. If you don’t want to investigate, visit also our Jbet88 sportsbook review area. We did everything for you.